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References I use

nVidia Developer ZoneGraphics programming.
GameDev.netGame programming.
DevMaster.net3D/Game engine database.

Tools & Libraries I like

AssimpOpen source 3D asset import suite.
BlenderOpen source 3D creation suite.
rapidxmlA fast XML parser.
TinyXMLA convenient XML parser.

Blogs I read

Real-Time Rendering BlogBlog by the people behind the Real-Time Rendering standard reference book, always keeping track of important recent publications.
#AltDevBlogADayAn entire army of insiders and verterans on game and graphics programming.
Diary of a Graphics ProgrammerIndustry veteran Wolfgang Engel on graphics programming.
Game RenderingSlightly out-dated, yet rather useful compilation of publications, blog posts and snippets, mostly on real-time rendering techniques.

Projects I keep track of

InfinityLots of math and fractal magic. The project is taking longer than seven days, though.
BugSoftWe started out together, long ago.

Communities that helped me

ZFX (German)Community founded by Stefan Zerbst, writer of some of the first in-depth German books covering real-time graphics programming.
spieleprogrammierer.de (German)Community founded by David Scherfgen, another former German author covering real-time graphics programming.
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