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5/14/2008: Gates reopened

I'm not sure about when this site was last updated. I'm not even sure about when this site last contained anything useful at all. Anyway, once again, this site is opening its gates - to show off some of my projects - and hopefully to inspire and help others.

A few decisions were made to keep this site more up-to-date this time. As you may have noticed, this site is no longer available in German. Having to translate stuff all the time definitely is one of the most annoying obstacles when your actual intention is to convey contents, not language.

Besides, a pretty website showing lots of nice and shiny images is a great thing, however, such images tend to pop up at large and very irregular intervals. Therefore, I plan to focus much more on technical aspects this time, to make this page not only nice to look at, but also interesting to read. I will try to update this page in a blog-style way to give insight into the development process itself, including design decisions, technical findings and troubles I come across.

In addition, this site now offers the opportunity to leave your comments and thoughts on anything you might come across when browsing this website. Feel free to comment or ask questions whenever you like.

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