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8/2/2009: Great things...

...were about to happen, you remember? So here you go, finally available to all and everyone of you, the first breezEngine technology-based project ever that has officially been finished: "RAR", ranked 4th of 8 in the PC Demo competition, exclusively released at the Evoke demo party 2009 in Köln:

Best viewed in HD, click the title and switch to full screen on Vimeo.

Download real-time demo: RAR - Devmania Invitation 2009 [18 MB]

Watch ambience capture: RAR presented live at Evoke 2009 on YouTube

Note that this demo is the result of a very close cooperation with Christian Rösch, who came up with the idea of using the breezEngine to create PC Demos and who was the creative mind behind all but one scene in this particular demo - it should be pretty obvious which scene I am talking about. ;-)

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