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10/9/2009: Devmania Proceedings & Demos

Devmania 2009 is over, two days of most interesting presentations and conversation, and my deepest gratitude goes to the Devmania orginization team, having saved the annual convention from brusque interruption or even worse for this year. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos, but maybe you can get a glimpse of what was going on back there by following the banner link below and taking a look at the photos uploaded on their official website:

So now it's time to catch up with all the new stuff introduced in preparation to my big Devmania presentation of the breezEngine in its current state. To avoid writing the same things over and over again, I just uploaded the original presentation as well as an English translation for the non-German readers of this blog:

Download (German original): breezEngine Devmania 2009 [~2MB]
Download (English translation): breezEngine Devmania 2009 [~2MB]

Besides, I just released the first public tech demo incorporationg physics and minor game play, a mix of jump'n'run and puzzle elements. The demo was built in less than a week, more or less in parallel to the first prototype implementation of the new physics module, therefore it is neither balanced nor really finished, yet it already shows off some quite nice visuals and dynamics.

For those of you interested and matching the ridiculously high system requirements (Shader Model 3.0, lots of VRAM and fill rate, meaning quite a decent graphics card + latest DirectX Runtime, PhysX System Software, VC 2005 Runtime, for download and installation links, either click or see READ ME), there now is a public download available:

Download (for installation instructions, see READ ME): Bonny Nightmare [~1 MB]

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