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4/4/2010: Imagine - 48k Intro released at Breakpoint 2010, ranked 1st!

Finally, after more than 4 months of quiet development, we are proud to announce the release of our next demo collaboration: "Imagine", high-end real-time computer graphics in less than 64 kilobytes (actually it's 48k), exclusively released at this year's Breakpoint Demo Party in Bingen and ranked 1st in the 64k Intro Compo.

Best viewed in HD, click the title and switch to full screen on Vimeo.

Download: Imagine - 48k PC Intro, Executable
Download: Imagine - Unpacked PC Intro, Executable (for those experiencing malware warnings using the packed one)

As this was a collaboration, huge credits go to Christian Rösch (Code), Mark (Code) and Turri (Music).

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