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1/4/2011: Imagine ranked Best 64k Intro 2010 by 4sceners

Sorry for the long silence, it seems my studies are once again eating up way too much of my precious time. In fact, I have not been all that idle in regard to my projects as it may seem, some of you might even have followed some of my more recent work spread throughout several German game development boards. I will update this site once I can find the time for it.

For now I am happy to announce that we're once again featured in 4sceners' list of the best demo scene productions released throughout the last year, this time ranked 1st in the category of 64k Intros.

It has been about this time last year that we actively started working on this production and it's always nice to see that the effort put into it has made at least some kind of longer-lasting impression on other people who know what lies behind such work. The collaboration definitely was great fun, great thanks go out to Christian Rösch (Code), Mark (Code) and Turri (Music).

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