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6/26/2011: Torsion footage & Twitter

First of all, I have only very recently joined the Twitter network, feel free to become a follower, if you're interest in my daily findings and annoyances regarding real-time graphics and other development.

In other news, I have finally taken time to capture some footage of a gameplay prototype that I was working on for several weeks about one year ago. The player is given the ability to warp space by placing two warp anchors anywhere in the world, warping the space in-between those anchors. Space warping also affects physics, which may be used to make objects roll off curved surfaces, bridge gaps etc. Like the previous demos, this prototype was built on top of my engine/framework/sandbox called breeze.

Best viewed in HD, click the title and switch to full screen on Vimeo.

Head over to the Torsion project page for more information.

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