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Projects . Overview

This section contains summaries of projects that I either am or have been working on. To learn more about the techniques used and the difficulties that I came across during development, you might also want to skim through the news section.

Recent Projects

More recent projects can be found on cg.ivd.kit.edu/english/zirr

Demos [Read]

Demo Scene Productions
CategoryDemos, 64k Intros, Realtime 3D Applications
LanguagesC++, HLSL
LibrariesDirectX, libv2, BASS, TinyXml, breeze


Torsion [Read]

CategoryExperimental Gameplay, Augmented Physics, Realtime 3D
LanguagesC++, HLSL
LibrariesDirectX, PhysX, Boost, TinyXml, breeze
Statuson and off


breeze [Read]

Engine & Demos
CategoryRealtime 3D Engine,
LanguagesC++, FX
LibrariesDirectX, PhysX, Assimp, TinyXML, Boost, .NET (Tools)
Statusin development


Showcase [Read]

Various projects
CategoryRealtime 3D Applications,
LanguagesC++, LUA, HLSL
LibrariesDirectX, TinyXML, WinAPI
Statusfinished / discontinued


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