This site started as a blog for hobbyist adventures in real-time rendering, the demo scene and game engine programming, which is still archived here. Since then, my interests shifted towards Monte Carlo Rendering, so new content will likely focus on that. ☺

Recent Updates

30 September 2020:
Paper Path Differential-Informed Stratified MCMC and Adaptive Forward Path Sampling, accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2020. Source code to follow in the coming days.
23 September 2020:
Reduced dependencies (now pugixml and GLFW), improved build system, automated build testing, ported missing utils, improved integrator integration, in mitsuba IM. Added branches for vanilla mitsuba with backported CMake build system.
8 July 2019:
mitsuba IM, an interactive fork of Wenzel Jakob's mitsuba renderer.
4 July 2019:
Source code for the paper Distortion-free Displacement Mapping.
18 January 2019:
Q2VKPT, Quake II extended with real-time path tracing by Christoph Schied. (I contributed some code and press materials.)
30 November 2019:
Source code for the paper Reweighting Firefly Samples for Improved Monte Carlo Estimates.


Contributions to Open-Source Projects

mitsuba IM
Path-traced Quake II



Reweighting Firefly Samples for Improved Monte Carlo Estimates



Torsion - Space Warping Gameplay Prototype
Demo scene
Engine Programming
Engine Programming