Computer Graphics / Monte Carlo Rendering / Visualization

I am currently working in the Advanced Rendering Technology team at Intel Graphics Research. Previously, I was a PhD student in the computer graphics group of Carsten Dachsbacher at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). More recent projects that have already been published can be found on the publications page.
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Contributions to Open-Source Projects

Path-traced Quake II

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mitsuba IM

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Archived Personal Projects

The following projects date back to student times, for more recent work see publications and active projects.

Demo Scene

imagine (64k Intro)

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liquidiced (64k Intro)

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RAR - Devmania Invitation Demo

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Gameplay Prototypes (Archive)

Torsion - Space Warping Gameplay Prototype

(Unreleased Predecessor: Warped Amsterdam)

Bonny Nightmare - 3D Jump'n'Run

2D Physics / Sleigh Ride Game in 14K (Web / Processing.js, 1 Week Contest)


Game Engine Programming Experiments (Archive)

breeze 2

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breeze 1

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Quick Experiments (Archive)

GPU-based real-time Mandelbrot

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Light Propagation Volumes